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Thomas Brigg&Sonsが1836年に設立される。


さらにロイヤル・アポイントメントは、エドワード7世(Edward VII)によっても授与される。

第二次世界大戦まで、トーマス・ブリッグ・アンド・サンズはパリに設立されていたが、1943年にSwaine&Adeneyと合併し、その後Swaine、Adeney Brigg&Sonsとなる。



Thomas Brigg & Sons were established in 1836.

In 1893, Thomas Brigg and Sons received its first Royal Appointment from Her Majesty Queen Victoria and became the first umbrella maker ever to be honoured with an appointment. Further Royal Appointments were also bestowed by His Majesty King Edward VII and successive Monarchs.

Up until WWII, Thomas Brigg & Sons also had an establishment in Paris.

Thomas Brigg & Sons merged in 1943 with Swaine & Adeney, and were afterwards styled ‘Swaine, Adeney, Brigg & Sons’.

The Brigg umbrella is famous for its high quality and long history supplying Royal Families, Prime Ministers and distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen around the World.

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