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On 21st May 2017, ALBERO was opened at “Semba building” (completed 1925)  which is registered as tangible cultural property.

ALBERO has been established with the theme that express “Italian classic elegance” specially focused on the Tuscan culture and lifestyle through men’s clothing.


In the world, things are becoming automatic with the market growing day by day.

In our time we are surrounded by common things and information, then we can get everything easily. I thought we needed place people gather together and talk comfortably which is reducing nowadays with the feeling I would like to take care of each one like old good things, events and cultures. Then I express it in the historic building which got through to this idea. 


On the making of the space, ALBERO focused on making it various people can talk about various topics. And I tried to make “a room” expressed by not only clothing but also food, scent, furniture and interior through the things I’ve ever seen and I felt, the time I spent in Italy, beautiful things, the truly elegant people and the way how to spend holiday. 


                                          “ALBERO” means tree in Italian.

It’s named consciously included the meaning of glowing properly from a small tree to a big one taking time on all like the relationship of customers and this business.


「The things, the events and the atmosphere I express here are the things I’m particular about, my passion and proud.

I’m happy if you enjoy fashion, feel satisfaction of heart, and I could support you designing lifestyle. I’m looking forward to seeing you here.」





Photo by Toru Shobayashi

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